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Modify the transaction cancellation page

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Modify the transaction cancellation page

The Quota Manager uses a UI page to control the contents of the transaction cancellation message.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Knowledge of Apache Jelly is highly recommended when modifying the UI page. See Extensions to Jelly syntax for more information.


  1. Navigate to System UI > UI Pages.
  2. Open the UI page with the name transaction_canceled_quota.
  3. In the HTML field, add or modify the new cancellation message.
    The following table describes available variables.
    Table 1. Cancellation message variables
    Method Description
    getURL() Returns the URL for the transaction.
    getReason() Returns the reason for page cancellation, localized to the user's language.
    getQuotaId() Returns the sys_id of the quota rule.
    getQuotaName() Returns the name of the quota rule.
    getRunTime() Returns the total run time for the page up to this point.
    getType() Returns the type of transaction, such as form, list, report, other.
    getUser() Returns the sys_id of the user.
    getHomepage() Returns the sys_id of the homepage.
    getHomepageWidget() Returns the name of the homepage widget.
  4. Click Update.