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Transaction cancellation

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Transaction cancellation

A user can cancel a transaction that takes longer than expected to load.

Causes of slow-loading transactions include the following scenarios.
  • Sorting a large number of records by an unindexed string field.
  • Grouping a large table on a field that has predominantly distinct values.
  • Exporting all rows from a large table.
  • Testing a poorly scripted business rule that has an infinite JavaScript loop.
Note: You cannot cancel an import with these controls.

Transaction cancel timer

During a long-running transaction, a timer and a red cancellation button appear in the banner frame.
Figure 1. Cancel request
Cancel a running transation

To cancel the transaction, click the cancellation button. The timer indicates that the transaction is being canceled. When it is finished, you see a message that the transaction was canceled.

If the transaction completes successfully, the timer indicates how long it took for the transaction to complete.
Figure 2. Transaction completed
Completed transaction

Canceled transaction logs

Canceled transactions appear in the transaction log with CANCELLED appended to the URL. Transactions canceled by a user are logged differently from transactions canceled by Transaction quotas.

Cancel transaction properties

Administrators can configure the behavior of the transaction cancel capability using the following properties.

Property Definition Location Let users cancel long running transactions (enabled by default). Open the sys_properties table.
glide.ui.transaction.long_response.time Delay in seconds before the cancel transaction button appears for a long-running transaction. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties