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Canceled-transaction logging to a table

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Canceled-transaction logging to a table

The system logs canceled-transactions to a table in addition to the transaction log.

Transactions canceled manually or by a quota rule are logged to the Transaction Cancellation Log [syslog_cancellation]. The Transaction Cancellation Log is an extra debugging feature, and will not contain information on all cancellations.

Note: There are safeguards in place to prevent infinite loops and issues related to synchronicity, which mean it is not always possible to log a cancellation to a database table.

You can find the Transaction Cancellation Log by clicking System Logs > System Log > Transaction Cancellations

You can turn off canceled-transaction logging to a table by changing a property.

Table 1. Canceled-transaction log property
Property Description
glide.quota.manager.log.cancellation Indicates whether canceled transactions are to be logged to the Transaction Cancellation Log table.

Type: Boolean

Default value: true

Location:Add to the System Properties [sys_properties] table