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Configure TinyMCE to allow deprecated tags

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Configure TinyMCE to allow deprecated tags

You can set a dictionary attribute on a TinyMCE field to allow the use of deprecated HTML tags, such as <b> and <i>. By default, TinyMCE uses the <strong> and <em> tags for bold and italic formatting.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary or admin

About this task

After you set the dictionary attribute, use code view to manually enter deprecated tags. The editor does not validate any tags you enter manually, for example, if you type an incorrect character.


  1. Navigate to the form with an HTML field that uses TinyMCE.
  2. Right-click the HTML field label and select Configure dictionary.
    Configure dictionary
  3. In the Attributes field, enter tinymce_allow_all=true, separated by a comma if needed.
    If other attributes are already listed, use a comma as a separator.
    Updated attribute field
  4. Click Update.