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Template bar

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Template bar

Use the template bar to apply, edit, and create templates.

The template bar appears at the bottom of the form. Click a template, which appears in blue text, to apply them to the form. Use the buttons to the right to add, edit, and access the complete list of templates.

Figure 1. Template Bar in UI16
Template Bar Elements
Table 1. Template Bar Elements
Element Description
Templates Available templates appear in blue text on the template bar. Click a template to apply it to the form.
All Templates button (All Templates button) Toggles the All Templates window.
Create New Template button (Create New Template button) Displays the Create New Template window.
All Templates popup This window displays when the All Templates button is selected. The window displays a filterable list of all available templates. Click the Edit button to the left of any template to edit that template.
Disable Template Bar button (Disable Template Bar button) Disables the template bar. To display the bar, see Toggle the template bar