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Prepare to left-pad number fields in custom tables

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Prepare to left-pad number fields in custom tables

Before you configure left padding of number fields on a custom table or a table that does not extend the task table, you must prepare business rules and script includes.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Duplicate the base system business rule named Pad Numbers: Click Insert and Stay.
    If Insert and Stay is not available on your instance, create a new business rule and manually copy all field values from Pad Numbers.
  2. Give the business rule a new name and change the script field to read as follows:
    function padCurrentCategory() {
    var target = new GlideRecord(current.category+"");
    if (!target.isValidField("u_number") || target.isValidField("number")) return;
    var nm = new UNumberManager();
    nm.padTableNumbers(current.category, current.maximum_digits);
    } Save the changes.
  3. Duplicate the base system script include named NumberManager.
  4. Change the following two lines as indicated:
    105: currentNumber = records.u_number.toString();
    117: records.u_number = prefix + currentNumber;
  5. Name the new script include UNumberManager and save your changes.
    You can now continue with the process of configuring left-padding and renumbering records.