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Import an XML file

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Import an XML file

After you have successfully exported data from the source instance, you can import the XML file directly to the target instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Importing XML does not trigger business rules or update the instance cache.


  1. Sign in to the target instance (the instance that should receive the data).
  2. In the banner frame, click the Elevate privileges icon (Elevate privileges icon) beside the user name.
  3. In the Activate an Elevated Privilege dialog box, select the security_admin check box and click OK.
    Activate an elevated privilege
  4. Navigate to any list in the system.
    Any list can be used because the XML file contains the destination table name for the records.
  5. Perform the appropriate action for the list version.
    List v2 Open any column context menu and select Import XML.
    List v3 Open the list title menu and select Import XML.
  6. In the import screen, click Choose File and select the previously exported XML file.
    Choose file to upload
  7. Click Upload.
    Note: If the data does not import, navigate to System Definition > Tables & Columns and verify that the table from which the data was exported also exists in the instance importing the data. If the table does not exist in that instance, you can move it using an update set.