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Provide knowledge in incident email notification

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Provide knowledge in incident email notification

Contextual search results are included in email notifications that are sent to users who create a new incident.

About this task

This provides links to knowledge articles that may help users resolve their issues faster. For example, if a user raises an incident when the service desk staff is not available, the email notification provides knowledge links that may help the user.

By default, contextual search results are based on the short description in the incident. Within the automated email response, contextual search adds links to relevant knowledge articles.

For example:


  1. Navigate to A customer sends an email to IT support with the subject My laptop keeps crashing.
  2. An incident is created based on this email.
  3. The email subject is inserted into the Short description field of the new incident.
  4. The automated email notification sent to the user includes search results based on My laptop keeps crashing. For example, one article could be How to upgrade your Windows version to stop your laptop crashing.
  5. The customer may then be able to use the returned results to resolve the incident.

    The knowledge links provided are filtered to ensure the articles are accessible to the user who submitted the email.

What to do next

By default, notifications provide three article links. You can configure notification options, such as changing the number of links provided with notifications, can be configured by administrators.

You can also configure contextual search functionality to match your organization's email notifications or to use contextual search with notifications for other records.