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Define search context

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Define search context

Create a search context to define a contextual search, with links to define which forms and record producers use that search.

About this task

For example, define a search context for service desk calls that only displays search results from your organization's Technical Solutions knowledge base.


  1. Navigate to Contextual Search > Search Contexts.
  2. Click New.
    Contextual search: search contexts
  3. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Name of form
    Field Description
    Name Name of the context.
    Short description Summary of the context.
    Searcher The searcher for this context, which determines the information source to search.
    • Catalog only: searches service catalog items.
    • Knowledge and catalog: searches knowledge articles and service catalog items.
    • Knowledge and pinned knowledge: searches knowledge articles and pinned knowledge articles.
    • Knowledge only: searches knowledge articles only.
    • Knowledge, pinned knowledge and catalog: searches knowledge articles, pinned knowledge articles, and service catalog items.
    • Pinned Knowledge only: searches pinned knowledge articles only.
    Searcher text The label for the searcher group that is used when there is more than one resource in the searcher.
    Search on tab Check box to run search. If you select the check box (recommended), the search only runs when you update and leave the search field. If you clear the check box, the search runs after you pause typing.
    Note: Select the check box, if you want the agent to see Additional Resources in the source selector in the platform.
    Active Check box for activating the search context.
    Additional Resource Configurations List of Additional Resources that you want the agent to be able to select from and the order in which they should be displayed. To set an additional resource as default, open the record and click Set As Default. Click Clear Default to reset to the default value.
    Note: Additional Resources appears in the source selector only when you select Search on tab.
  4. Right-click the form header and click Save.
  5. (Optional) Click Set As Default to make this the default context, used if a search query does not specify a context. For example, if a search query is invoked from a script without providing a context.
  6. Use the related lists to further define the search context.
    • Record Producer Configurations: define which record producers use this context.
    • Table Configurations: define which forms use this context.
    • Resource Configuration: define configurations to apply to the search context, such as restrictions on the results displayed.