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Attach an article

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Attach an article

If contextual search is available in a form that uses the knowledge search icon, that icon is removed to ensure there is only a single knowledge search mechanism for that form.

About this task

To retain the ability to attach a selected article to that form, an extra Attach button appears on the search results list, and an Attach to incident button appears on the displayed knowledge article.

Figure 1. Attach Button


Click the relevant button to attach that knowledge article to that incident, adding details of the knowledge article to the task.
  • When you click attach, a note about the KB article is copied or appended to the Additional comments field. Update or save the form or use Post to add the note into the Activity Stream.
  • You can specify which field the KB article is copied to:
    • Override the central setting per table configuration:
      • Configure the Attach action in the Table Configuration > table > Search Action Configuration.
      • Bring up each attach action in the form view.
      • Select Use custom field for attach note.
      • Specify the name of the Attach note field (for example: work_notes)
        • Leave the Attach note field empty if you do not want to add a note to any of the fields.
        • If the specified field is not found on the form then a note is not added to any of the fields.