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Query feedback information

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Query feedback information

The information captured when the user clicks the Action button (for example, This helped, Order or Attached) on the result window is stored in the following tables.

Table [name] Description
Relevant Document


Groups the Relevant Document Detail individual recorded actions by search session.
Note: A new search session group is created every time you create or open a record or reload the page.
Key fields in the Relevant Document table:
  • Search session: The search session group.
  • Displayed on: The table or record producer where the results were displayed.
  • Relevant to: The reference to the table record (when displayed on is for a table).
  • User/Created by: The user who took the action.
Relevant Document Detail


The list of individual recorded actions, for example: Preview, This helped, Attach, Order.
Key fields in the Relevant Document table:
  • Search term: The search text.
  • Original search terms: The original search terms (only used when the fulfiller has overridden the original search terms using the related search box).
  • Relevance type: The recorded action.
  • Relevant document: The result the action was taken on.
  • Relevant Document: The reference to the search session group in the Relevant Document table.
  • Created by: The user who took the action.
  • Position: The position in the list of the result for the recorded action.
  • Search Resource: The reference to the search resource for that particular result. Only used for an Agent Intelligence Similarity result.

This feedback information is important for analyzing the effectiveness of the searches provide. You can create custom reports on this information by querying these tables.