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Application support for domain separation

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Application support for domain separation

Not all ServiceNow applications support domain separation in the base system. Some supported applications include limitations on the data and administrative settings that can be domain separated.

Domain Separation support levels

Not all ServiceNow applications support domain separation. The applications that do may support the separation of data only, have advanced business logic separation, or support tenant level administration of the application. ServiceNow applications are defined with the following incremental support levels. These definitions delineate the domain separation support level system, which operates from the perspective of actual use cases and personas.

Data only
Enables the separation of tenant data only in an application. It is not domain separated in the truest sense, because logic to route data to domains in the application is absent. All data created is placed in the current domain of the session creating the data.
Level 1 — Tenant data management
Level 1 support targets tenant domain Requester use cases in an application. The application has been designed to support Requester activities within tenant domains. Logic is in place to route data to tenant domains, based on applicable use cases. For example, a chat response of a parent to a child is placed in the domain of the child.
Level 2 — Tenant process management
Level 2 support targets tenant domain Fulfiller use cases in an application. A Fulfiller can use an application that supports Level 2 domain separation within the tenant domains. Business logic is domain separated, enabling tenants to act under separate processes as configured by an administrator. For example, comments are mandatory on close of a record for one tenant, but not another.

An application with Level 2 domain support includes Level 1 (Requester) support.

Level 3 — Tenant self-managed configuration
Level 3 support targets tenant domain no-code administrator use cases in an application. Applications with Level 3 domain separation support have been designed with prescriptive domain-separated configuration capabilities administered by a tenant domain administrator. For example, making the impact/urgency/priority matrix configurable by tenants to drive how priority is set within their domain.

An application with Level 3 domain support includes Level 1 (Requester) and Level 2 (Fulfiller) support.

Supported feature Data only Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Supported tenant domain user role. Data only Requester Fulfiller Administrator
Data can be domain separated. supported supported supported supported
Domain column is present for base system application tables. supported supported supported supported
Domain-specific configuration is managed by instance owner. supported supported supported
Tenant domains can manage their own application data. supported supported
Application properties are domain aware when needed. supported supported
Business logic and processes can be domain separated by instance owner. supported supported
Business logic and processes can be administered by tenant domain. supported
Table 1. Application support for domain separation
Product Suite Application Support level Notes
Business Management Agile Development Data only Product models not domain separated. System properties cannot be domain separated.
Application Portfolio Management Data only
Cost Management No support
Financial Management No support
Project Portfolio Management Data only Architectural support only. Certain properties cannot be domain separated.
Release Management No support
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Data only
Test Management Data only
Custom Business Applications Delegated Development Data only Application Administration must be enabled.
Script debugger Level 1
ODBC Driver Data only The ODBC user domain restricts access to data.
Web Services Data only Additional support possible, but depends on use case.
Customer Service Management Communities Data only
Customer Service Management Level 1
Field Service Management Level 1
Governance, Risk, and Compliance Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Level 1
Vendor Risk Management Data only
HR Service Delivery HR Service Delivery Data only Requester / Fulfiller descriptions not typically used in ITOM. However, the same rules that govern these personas govern the applications.
IT Operations Management Cloud Management No support
Discovery Level 2
Event Management Level 1
Operational Intelligence Level 1
Service Mapping Level 1
IT Service Management Asset Management Data only License calculations supported in global scope only.
Benchmarks No support
Change Management Level 1
Coaching Level 1
Continual Improvement Management Level 1
Contract Management Data only
Expense Line Data only
Incident Communications Management Level 2 Can be separated through customization.
Incident Management Level 2
On-Call Scheduling Level 2
Problem Management Level 2 Task-outage relationship includes architectural support only.
Procurement Data only
Product Catalog No support
Service Catalog Management Data only Service Catalog administration is not domain separated. However, items can be domain separated through user interface. Tasks created are domain separated.
Service Desk Call Level 1
Service Level Management Level 2
Service Portfolio Management Data only Architectural support only.
Walk-up Experience Level 1
Vendor Performance No support
Now Platform Advanced Work Assignment Level 2
Agent Intelligence Level 2
Agent Workspace No support
Assessments Level 2
Automated Test Framework Data only Because application tables are not domain separated, data is not visible in child domains.
Connect Support and Chat Level 1 Connect Chat supported within each domain only. Connect Support dashboard and queues do not support domain separation.
Contextual Search Level 2
Configuration Management (CMDB) Level 2 CMDB CIs are domain separated.
Content Management System Data only Can be separated with customization.
Credentials and Connections Level 1
Data Certification Data only
Data Management No support
Dependency Views Level 1
Edge Encryption Data only Architectural support only.
Encryption Support Data only
Flow Designer No support
Homepage Administration Data only
Integrations with third-party applications and data sources Data only
Knowledge Management Level 2
Managed Documents Data only
MetricBase Data only
Mobile Data only
Notifications Level 2
Orchestration Data only Additional support possible, but depends on use case.
Password Reset Level 2
Platform Security Level 1
Service Portal Data only Architectural support only.
State Flows Data only
Subscription Management No support
Survey Management Data only
Time Card Data only Can be separated with customization.
Virtual Agent Level 1
Visual Task Boards Data only
Workflow Data only Additional support possible, but depends on use case.
Performance Analytics and Reporting Dashboards Data only Architectural support only.
Performance Analytics Level 3 Can be domain separated, except for separated properties.
Reporting Level 2
Security Operations Security Incident Response Level 2
Threat Intelligence Level 2
Trusted Security Circles Level 2
Vulnerability Response Level 2
Service Management - Other Coaching Loops (Legacy) No support
Domain separation in Facilities Service Management Data only
Finance Service Management Data only
Legal Service Management Data only
Marketing Service Management Data only
Planned Maintenance Data only
Service Management Core Data only
Structured Problem Analysis No support
Software Asset Management Software Asset Management No support Only the alm_assettable is domain separated.