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Multilevel pivot tables

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Multilevel pivot tables

Multilevel pivot tables display aggregate data broken down by multiple dimensions in a single table. They display separate cells for each row and column value combination, as well as a column subtotal for each first-level row. Aggregate information is presented in the top left of the chart.

You can also create multilevel pivot tables with columns and rows containing variables. See Use service catalog variables in a report – Report Designer.

You can expand and collapse rows in the table to show the chart details, or only the subtotals. The top row of a multilevel pivot report is always visible.

Note: Some row configurations prevent the chart from displaying subtotal information, such as when a string column has the same text value but with different character cases.
Note: This report type cannot be run as a scheduled report.
Figure 1. Multilevel pivot with subtotals and expanded rows
A multilevel pivot table with subtotals and expanded rows