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Map reports

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Map reports

Map reports display data on a map. You can display data as a geographical heatmap (Heatmap report icon) or view specific data points (The pin locations icon for map reports).

Zoom in on a map to get a more detailed view. In heatmap mode, click any region on the map that contains data to drill down into its map.
Note: Save the map report to drill down into it. You cannot drill down into unsaved reports.

The lowest level of a map hierarchy can display only data points. Click data on this lowest level to see the data in list view, or in drill-down view if one has been configured.


  • Maps are not supported on Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8.
  • Map reports cannot be saved as images on Internet Explorer versions 7 to 9, Firefox versions 31 to 37, Safari 5, or all versions of the Edge browser. For best results, use Chrome to work with map reports.
  • Map reports cannot be exported as PDFs, but can be saved as images.
  • This report type cannot be run as a scheduled report.
Map report example