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Histogram reports

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Histogram reports

Histograms group numbers in a data set into ranges. The data used in a histogram is continuous data. Continuous data is measured whereas discrete data, which is used in bar charts, is counted.

For example, a histogram can show the pattern of P1 incidents logged over a four-week period after a product release. For the first week after the product was released, P1 incidents are low because users do not really understand the product enough to use it. In the second week, more users start working with the product and P1 issues increased. In the third week, P1 issues increase even more as more users began working with the product. In the fourth week, P1 issues stay the same as the third week. The information suggests that it is not necessary to increase support staff until the third week after a product is released.

Note: When accessibility is enabled, this visualization includes a report that screen readers can interpret. For more information, see Enabling accessibility features.