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View the data collection job logs

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View the data collection job logs

Job logs display information about the data collection jobs that have run for Performance Analytics. You can view job logs, create events, and view and edit the event registry. The list view displays all log entries, unless filtered.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_data_collector or admin


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Job Logs.
    The log provides the following information for all occurrences.
    Table 1. Data Collection Job Log
    Field Description
    Created Date and time the data collection job started.
    State One of the following values: Collecting, Collected, or Collected with errors.
    Name Name of the job.
    Completed Date and time the data collection job ended.
    Inserts The number of new records that have been inserted.
    Updates The number of existing records that have been updated.
    Warnings The number of warnings that occurred during the data collection process.
    Errors The number of errors that occurred during the data collection process.
    Run time Duration of the job.
  2. Click Created to view the details of a specific job.
    Additional information on the job settings and sequence steps is displayed. If notifications are enabled, you can send emails about the data collection results to users.

What to do next

Click on a job in the list to see a detailed log of the job. For information about the contents of individual job logs, see Data collection process and logging.