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Create an automated breakdown

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Create an automated breakdown

To create an automated breakdown, select a breakdown source for it to use and apply access restrictions. Then map which field on the indicator source references the breakdown source. Finally, assign indicators to the breakdown.

Before you begin

Familiarize yourself with the definitions and uses of breakdowns in general and automated breakdowns in particular.

Role required: pa_data_collector, pa_power_user, pa_admin, or admin

About this task

An automated breakdown uses a breakdown source to determine selectable elements. You can use an existing breakdown source or you can define a new one.
Note: This process allows you to create a fully customized breakdown. To create a simple automated breakdown, see Create and apply a simple breakdown.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Automated Breakdowns and click New.
  2. Specify a meaningful Name.
    The name of a breakdown is frequently based on the label of the field that is used in the breakdown mappings.
  3. In the Automated tab, select the Breakdown source.
  4. (Optional) Select a Default elements filter.
    Use element filters to restrict the elements that are visible to a user. For more information, see Breakdown element filters.
  5. (Optional) In the Access control tab, set who can see the breakdown.
    These restrictions apply in all cases: seeing the breakdown in the list of breakdowns, seeing the breakdown in an Analytics Hub or dashboard, or using the breakdown when creating a widget.
    Value of Visible toFurther settings
    Everyone (default) You can restrict visibility by roles. Unselect Visible by all roles and select the Roles that are required to access the breakdown.
    Groups and Users Select the Groups and individual Users who can access this breakdown. You can select groups or users from a list, and you can select users by email address.

What to do next

Create breakdown mappings and associate indicators with the breakdown. You can do this from the indicator, using a graphical tool (see Assign and map breakdowns