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Spotlight database views

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Spotlight database views

Spotlight ensures that a database view joins the Spotlight [spotlight] table and the facts table whose records the Spotlight group evaluates. Administrators can access this database view to create reports or for troubleshooting.

After creating the database view, Spotlight adds a reference to it in the related spotlight_group record on the Spotlight Group [spotlight_groups] table. The reference consists of the primary key field value of the database view, which is put in the database_view column of the record.

Note: Customers who upgrade from an earlier version than London have an empty database_view value in the database_view column of their spotlight_groups records. This empty column has no impact. The column is populated as users modify the records in the spotlight_groups table.

If you are an administrator, you can access the database view directly. To see the database view for a Spotlight Group, click the Show Database View related link on the Spotlight Group form. You can also add a Database View column to the Spotlight Groups list.

If you delete a Spotlight group, Spotlight deletes the database view associated with that group if it is safe to do so. To determine whether the database view can be deleted, Spotlight checks for the following conditions:
  • Do any other Spotlight groups have a reference to that database view?
  • Are any other Spotlight groups defined with a main indicator that uses the same facts table as the main indicator of the group to be deleted?
If neither condition is true, the database view is deleted.
When creating, modifying, or deleting database views, Spotlight runs these business rules:
  • Update Database View
  • Delete Database View
  • Set DB View on Insert