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Migrating Performance Analytics scores

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Migrating Performance Analytics scores

Beginning with the Istanbul release, the Performance Analytics Scores [pa_scores] table was split into two tables, Scores Level 1 [pa_scores_l1] and Scores Level 2 [pa_scores_l2].

This change ensures optimal performance when collecting and analyzing scores, and enables larger sets of scores. New instances created on the Istanbul release or later use the new scores tables by default.

For instances created prior to Istanbul, you can migrate your existing data to the new scores tables. The original Scores [pa_scores] table is truncated 10 days after successful migration.
Note: The scores migration can take several hours to complete, depending on the number of scores. Schedule the migration in a non-production instance and then carefully plan the migration in production.

During migration you cannot collect, modify, or delete scores. Scheduled data collection jobs do not run during migration. After migration completes, check any data collection jobs that were scheduled to run during the migration, as these jobs were suspended.

Migration Monitor

After beginning the migration, you can track the migration status by navigating to Performance Analytics > Scores Migration Monitor.

If any errors occur during migration, contact ServiceNow Customer Support to resolve the issue.

Delays in starting score migration

If any of the following processes are running, score migration does not begin until they stop:
  • Data collector jobs
  • Collection cleaner jobs
  • Scoresheet editing

Schedule the Performance Analytics scores migration

Schedule the automated migration process to move existing scores to the new table structure.

Before you begin

Role required: admin. Users with the pa_admin role can view the migration monitor page but cannot schedule the migration.

About this task

Migrating scores improves performance and scalability of Performance Analytics. Migration should be performed during off-peak hours.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Scores Migration Monitor.
  2. Click the Schedule Scores Migration button.
    If there are greater than 300 million scores on the instance, the button is disabled. Contact ServiceNow Customer Support to begin the scores migration.
    The scores migration is scheduled. The page displays the time that the migration is scheduled to start, and the estimated completion time.
  3. (Optional) Click the Logs or Active Jobs links to view additional information about the migration.
    If there are any data collection or cleanup jobs running when you start the migration, the migration waits for those jobs to complete before beginning. All scheduled collection and cleanup jobs are paused during the migration.

What to do next

If the migration fails for any reason, contact ServiceNow Customer Support for assistance. Existing scores remain in place.