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Organize dashboards into groups

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Organize dashboards into groups

Assign groups to dashboards so that users can find the dashboards they want more easily. Dashboard groups determine how dashboards appear in the dashboard picker when you navigate to Self-Service > Dashboards. You can also add view permissions to dashboard groups.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, pa_admin, or pa_power_user

About this task

Permissions on dashboard groups apply to all the dashboards in that group.
  • View permissions on an individual dashboard override the permissions set at the dashboard group level.
  • Edit permissions on a dashboard do not affect group permissions.
  • Dashboard group permissions do not appear in the dashboard Sharing panel.
To show single groups in the dashboard picker, add the parameter sysparm_group= followed by the group name to the dashboard URL. For example, to show only a dashboard group named incident, use the URL https://<instance>/$


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > System > Dashboard Administration.
    Review current dashboards groupings using the Group column.
  2. Click the dashboard that you want to add to a group to open its form.
  3. In the Group field, select a group to add the dashboard to, or click New to create a group.
  4. (Optional) Open the form of the dashboard group to modify its permissions. Only view permissions can be set on dashboard groups.
    Dashboard groups use standard platform permissions. For more information, see Access control rules.
  5. Click Update.

How dashboard and dashboard group permissions interact on responsive dashboards

Dashboard group and dashboard permissions are not additive. Depending on how permissions are defined on a dashboard, dashboard group permissions may not apply.

If a dashboard belongs to a dashboard group, any view permissions defined on the dashboard override all view permissions on the dashboard group. Permissions on the dashboard group level are not visible from the Share panel of a dashboard. When changing the view permissions for a dashboard that is part of a group, always review the permissions for the dashboard group to ensure that users do not lose access. For more information, see Dashboard permissions scenarios.

For example, the dashboard group Support Dashboards contains the dashboards Open Incidents and Incident Metrics. The dashboard group has view permissions for the group Support. When you give view permissions to user John Dee for the dashboard Incident Metrics, the group Support can no longer see that dashboard. View permissions on the dashboard override all view permissions on the dashboard group.