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Make a breakdown act as an interactive filter

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Make a breakdown act as an interactive filter

You can configure a breakdown on a dashboard to act as an interactive filter for reports on the dashboard.

Before you begin

There must be a dashboard configured with one or more reports and breakdowns, and an interactive filter based on the same table as the breakdown source.

Role required: pa_power_user, pa_admin, or admin

About this task

When you select a breakdown and breakdown element on a dashboard, that element can be used to filter reports on the dashboard based on the filtering rules defined in an interactive filter.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  2. Select the dashboard with the breakdown you want to make act as an interactive filter.
  3. Click the context menu icon The context menu icon and select Dashboard Properties.
  4. In the Breakdown sources related list, click the reference icon (reference icon) next to the breakdown source you want to make into an interactive filter and select Open Record.
    Note: You cannot use a breakdown source that is based on a bucket group as an interactive filter.
  5. In the Act as filter field, select the interactive filter you want this breakdown source to act as.
    The breakdown source Facts table must match the table that the interactive filter is based on.

    For example, for the breakdown source HR.Groups.Active, use a reference field interactive filter for the Groups [sys_user_group] table. Breakdown elements from the HR.Groups.Active breakdown source are not valid selections for interactive filters on other tables, such as interactive filters based on a choice or date field.

  6. Click Update.
  7. On the dashboard's record, click View Dashboard.
  8. Click the + icon to put the dashboard in edit mode.
  9. Click the cog icon Cog icon to open the Edit Widget window.
  10. Select Follow interactive filter.
    Select Show when following filter to show a filter icon next to the widget title when the widget is following an interactive filter.
  11. Click Done.


The selected breakdown acts as an interactive filter on the dashboard's reports.