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Launch Dependency Assessment

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Launch Dependency Assessment

Use the Dependency Assessment tree view to view and edit your performance analytics components including widgets, indicators, and breakdowns, from a single view. You can see the effects of your changes immediately. The tree view opens in the same browser window from which you launched it. Edit windows open in pop-ups so that you do not have to navigate between browser windows or lose context.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin

About this task

This task describes how to launch Dependency Assessment from the Dashboards list. You can also navigate to any of the following locations, select an item from the list, and click Launch Dependency Assessment in the Related Links:
  • Performance Analytics > Widgets
  • Performance Analytics > Scripts
  • Performance Analytics > Indicators > Automated Indicators
  • Performance Analytics > Indicators > Manual Indicators
  • Performance Analytics > Sources > Indicator Sources
  • Performance Analytics > Breakdowns > Automated Breakdowns
  • Performance Analytics > Breakdowns > Manual Breakdowns
  • Performance Analytics > Sources > Breakdown Sources
  • Performance Analytics > Scorecards
    Note: From an Analytics Hub, click the context menu and select Launch Dependency Assessment.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards > or Self-Service > Dashboards.
  2. Select the dashboard you want to analyze.
  3. From the context menu, select Launch Dependency Assessment.Context menu open; Launch Dependency Assessment menu item selected
    You can also select Dashboard Properties and click Launch Dependency Assessment in the related links.


The tree view of the selected dashboard opens.