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Find a responsive dashboard

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Find a responsive dashboard

Use dashboard categories, dashboard groups, and dashboard lists to find the dashboard you want to use.

Before you begin

Role required: There are no specific permissions required to view dashboards. However, you must have permission to view at least one dashboard to see the Dashboards Overview and the dashboard picker. For more information about dashboard permissions, see Solving permissions issues on a responsive dashboard.

About this task

On the Dashboards Overview, each tile contains information about the dashboard it represents: Thumbnails of the widgets on the dashboard, the Dashboard group, your role on the dashboard, the name of the dashboard, and the owner of the dashboard. Dashboards that are not assigned a group by their creators are assigned the group Other.

Dashboard tile example with callouts for dashboard group, the viewer's access level, the widget types on the dashboard, and the dashboard name


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Dashboards or Performance Analytics > Dashboards. The Dashboards Overview shows tiles representing the most recent dashboards you have visited.
    Dashboards overview with Recent category selected.
  2. Select a category:
    • Recent shows up to nine dashboards that you have visited recently. The most recent are shown first.
    • Owned by me shows the dashboards that you have created and those dashboards to which you have been assigned ownership.
    • Shared with me shows the dashboards which have been shared with you as a user, or member of a group or role.
    • All shows all the dashboards that you have access to.
    All tabs except for the Recent tab are sorted in ascending order by:
    1. Dashboard group — Order

      The owner of the dashboard can specify an order number in the dashboard group's form. This field is optional.

    2. Dashboard group — Name
    3. Dashboard — Order

      The owner of the dashboard can specify an order number in the dashboard's form. This field is optional.

    4. Dashboard — Name
  3. Select a group from the Groups list to filter the displayed tiles on a dashboard group. If no dashboards match the combination of category and group, a message is shown, for example, 'No dashboards shared with you match your search..'
    The Groups list shows all dashboard groups without applying ACL rules. You may see dashboard groups in this list that have not been explicitly shared with you.
  4. Type a string in the Search by name or group box to filter the dashboards further. For example, type complete to search for the Completeness dashboards.
  5. Click a dashboard tile to open that dashboard.
  6. On any open dashboard, click the grid icon (Dashboard grid icon) to return to the Dashboards Overview.
  7. To find another dashboard, click the arrow next to the dashboard name to open the Dashboard Picker. You can:
    • Type a string in the Search by name or group box to filter the list.
    • Click the Dashboard Group selector to filter the list on a specific dashboard group.

      The Dashboard Group selector shows all dashboard groups in the instance. If you do not have permission to view any dashboards in a selected group, you will see the message, 'No dashboards shared with you match your search.'

    • Scroll through all dashboards you have permission to open, starting with the most recent that you have viewed.

    Dashboard picker with callouts for the Dashboards Overview icon, the dashboard picker, and the dashboard group selector.

  8. Select the name of a dashboard to replace the current dashboard with the new one.