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Custom interactive filters

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Custom interactive filters

As an administrator, you can create scripted interactive filter widgets to provide advanced filtering options on dashboard reports.

By creating a custom interactive filter, you control all aspects of the filter interface and filtering logic. By defining these elements you can create filters that fit your specific needs, such as filters that perform multiple, common filtering operations with a single click.

Custom filters are scripted widgets (System UI > Widgets) that use the DashboardMessageHandler JavaScript class to define and publish report filters.

Note: The exposed API for custom interactive filters is limited and does not provide parity with standard interactive filters.
Note: Access control lists on the Table API may restrict the records shown when a dashboard is filtered. To alleviate this problem, add necessary users or roles to the Table API ACL. For more information, see Access control list rules.

You must define the appearance of the widget, such as available buttons, using Jelly.

You must have the licensed version of Performance Analytics to create new interactive filters.