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Create an application for a mobile device in Studio

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Create an application for a mobile device in Studio

While you can create a mobile application in the ServiceNow platform, most application configuration takes place in the Studio. Use the steps in this topic to set up the Studio and to get you started on creating a mobile application.

About this task

The Studio is an IDE-like interface that allows application developers to work on custom applications in one centralized location. All configuration for the mobile application in this section take place in Studio (System Applications > Studio). For more general information on using Studio, see ServiceNow Studio

Role required: admin

Watch this one-minute video for an overview of mobile app creation.


  1. Navigate to System Applications > Studio.
  2. In the Studio, click Create Application or select an existing application from the list.
    The application you create here is a new scoped application for you to build your app in. Scoped applications help restrict data and application files to just this one application. For more information on scoped applications, see Application scope.
  3. In the Application, click Create Application File.
  4. From the Create Application File window, click Mobile Development, then click Create.
  5. In the Name field, create a name for the application.
    The application you create here is the mobile app. The name you add is the name of the mobile app and appears on the home screen of the mobile app. For example, ITSM.
  6. In the Description field, add information that will help you identify the application later. For example, if you had several ITSM applications, you could use the short description to differentiate.
    Users can see the description you add in the mobile app by tapping the information icon (Info icon).
  7. Click Save.
    Figure 1. Mobile studio
    Studio with a mobile ITSM application configured
  8. To deactivate the application, clear the Active toggle switch.
  9. To limit user access the application in the mobile app, click the user icon (User icon).
    1. In the permissions window, use the slushbucket to add roles that can see the application in the mobile app.
    2. Click Save.

What to do next

To test any changes that you make in the mobile app, return to the home screen with the list of applications and refresh the screen.