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Updating records without an internet connection

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Updating records without an internet connection

Access and submit actions to records even if you do not have an internet connection.

You have to plan ahead when you use offline mode. If you know that you will be working in an area with no internet access, download what you want to work on ahead of time while you are still connected to the internet.

When you are in offline mode, the changes that you make to your records are logged in your outbox. Your outbox tracks all the actions that you made on your cached records. After your device has internet access, you can sync your device with the instance. Your changes update to the instance and your local cache reflects the changes that you made to the instance when you were offline.

Enable offline mode

To enable offline mode, tap the gear icon (Gear icon) to access the Settings tab. Open Offline Mode and then toggle on Offline Mode.

If you have not already downloaded the offline cache, you see a dialog box that asks you to download it. Tap Download and Go Offline.

Enabling offline mode in mobile

Navigate the mobile app in offline mode

When you are in offline mode, a banner that reads "Offline Mode" appears across the top of all screens.

Applications homepage offline mode List screen offline mode Record offline mode

Depending on how your administrator configures the mobile app, you are unable to submit certain actions while you are in offline mode. These actions are grayed out on the user interface.

Certain actions are disabled in offline mode. Certain actions are disabled in offline mode.

When you submit an action while you are in offline mode, the change gets marked with a yellow border. Changes remain marked until your device syncs to the server.

Offline Action: Saved to Outbox

Disable offline mode and sync outbox

To return online, in the mobile app, navigate to Settings > Offline Mode. On the offline mode screen, toggle off Offline Mode.

Changes remain in the outbox until synced to the server.

A dialog box asks you to sync the changes in your outbox. To push all the changes that you made in offline mode to the instance, tap Go Online & Sync. After the sync completes, you are back online and your offline cache is deleted.

Cache expiration

Your administrator configures a default length of time after which your offline cache expires.

When a cache expires, you lose all the data that you saved to the cache. If you do not sync the cache to an instance before the cache expires, none of your changes show on the instance.

Warning messages appear periodically to remind you to sync your cache before it expires. To avoid losing your data due to a cache expiration, always sync your cache before and after going offline.

Warning message to prevent cache expiration.

Resolve sync errors

Problematic changes that you made in offline mode do not sync to the instance. They remain in the outbox until they are resolved.

You cannot sync changes that contradict changes that were made by other users while you were offline. For example, you may receive an error message if you try to sync changes to a record that another user closed while you were working in offline mode.

To view the errors in your cached changes, navigate to Settings > Offline Mode > Outbox. Error messages indicate where errors occurred in your cached records while you were offline. From the application home page, navigate to the indicated records and resolve these errors.

Error messages in the outbox.

After you resolve an error, return to the outbox to delete the error messages. In the outbox, swipe left on the error message and then tap Delete.