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Configure service entries

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Configure service entries

To list the services that you provide, include them in the Service Catalog and make them active for your customers to see. Use categories to organize your business services and limit access to it with user roles.

Before you begin

Role required: catalog_admin or admin


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Business Service Entries.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select a Business Service that you want to make it available in the Service Catalog.
    New business service catalog item
  4. Enter a Name for the catalog item.
  5. Click the lock icon to open the Catalogs field and add Service Catalog.
  6. Select a Category under which this business service is listed.
  7. Verify that the Active check box is selected.
  8. (Optional) Add a Short description and Description.
  9. Attach a graphic to display at the top of the Service Catalog page for this business service.
  10. Click the Preview Item link to view the layout of the Service Catalog page.
    The details of the functionality you have configured for the business service opens in a read-only pop-up window.

    Preview window for the business service

  11. Close the preview pane, right-click the header, and click Save.
    Modifying the line items that appear in each service offering, such as Location and Billed Monthly, requires knowledge of scripting and Jelly tags. The service offering line items can be modified by navigating to System UI > UI Macros and selecting the UI macro named servicecatalog_delivery. For more information, see UI macros.