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Extend user criteria

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Extend user criteria

Extend the user criteria table when the available user criteria fields are not sufficient. User criteria references various user fields (fields from the User [sys_user] table), such as department, company, and groups. You can extend user criteria with a custom field to include any other user reference field (field from the User [sys_user] table) of interest.

About this task

For example, you can extend user criteria to include the user's cost center, and then restrict certain catalog items only to members of that cost center.
Meet the following rules to extend the user criteria table.
  • The field to add must be a reference field in the user record.
  • The field added to the user criteria table must be List type.
  • The fields must have matching names. For example, cost_center [sys_user] and u_cost_center ("u" prefix is added to custom fields in a table) are considered to be matching.

This example demonstrates how to extend the current user criteria record to include Cost center as an option.

Figure 1. User criteria record before extending Cost center
User criteria record that you want to add cost center to


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables.
  2. Open the User Criteria record.
  3. In the Table Columns related list, click New.
  4. Set the type to List, and then enter Cost center as the column label.
    The Column name field populates with u_cost_center.
  5. In the Reference Specification form section, select Cost Center for the reference field.
  6. Add any conditions or additional information to the dictionary entry as desired.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Navigate to .
  9. Select or create a user criteria record, and see that you can now use the new field.

What to do next

Test the user criteria record by navigating to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > User Criteria, and opening any record. Verify that the extended field is available.
Figure 2. User criteria with cost center
The Cost center field is in the user criteria record

You can extend the User [sys_user] table if there are fields in other tables that you want considered in user criteria. After extending the User table, follow the steps in this procedure to extend it to user criteria.