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Define an item question

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Define an item question

Item questions appear in the catalog when a user requests the item.

About this task

The user answers the questions to provide the information to fulfill the request. For example, a request for a new laptop can have a multiple choice question to specify the screen size. The requester can select one from a set of options.

You can organize questions into sections, to provide a logical flow for a multi-question item. If you plan to use sections, consider creating the sections so that you can select the appropriate section when defining the questions.

To add a question:


  1. On the Item form, click the Add a Question related link.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Add question
    Field Description
    Type The type for the question, defining the format you would like to receive the information in. By default, the options are Checkbox, Date, Date/Time, HTML, Multi Line Text, Multiple Choice, Numeric Scale, Reference, Select Box, Single Line Text, or Yes/No. Each type allows you to create your own option, using the Option field,

    Administrators and catalog administrators determine the question types available.

    Option The standard questions available within the selected question type, as set by the value of the Type field.

    By default, all question types contain Create your own <type> as an option, allowing you to define your own question of that type. These types can contain additional fields, allowing you to further define the question options. For example, Create your own Numeric Scale allows you to define Scale Min and Scale Max values.

    Some types also have additional preconfigured options available. By default, the following extra options are available:
    • Comments: allow the user to enter a short message. Available if the Type is Multi Line Text.
    • Contact preference: ask the user to select a preferred contact method: email, telephone, or SMS. Available if the Type is Multiple Choice.
    • Configuration item: allow the user to select a single configuration item from those items defined in the system. Available if the Type field is Reference.
    • Active user: allow the user to choose from a list of active user records. Available if the Type is Reference.

    Administrators and catalog administrators define the options available for each question type.

    Mandatory A check box to indicate whether users are required to provide an answer before they can submit the request. Only available for some question types.
    Read only A check box for indicating whether the question is read only. Only available for some question types.
    Section The section this question appears in. Sections allow you to group questions logically. Choose from the sections that have already been defined for the item.
    Column The column this question appears in within the selected section. Fields appear in the left column by default, but can be moved to a right column.
    Question The text of the question.
    Order The numeric sequence for the question. Questions appear in the selected column in the order defined here.
    Default value The default answer for the question, if any. Only available for some question types.
    Note: If you use a choice list, ensure that the default value matches a choice list value.
    Help text Text that helps the user decide how to answer this question. Help text appears under the More information link below the question.
    Question Choices The choices a user can choose for answering the question. Double-click the row to add an entry to the list. This field appears only for question types which have choices, such as Multiple Choice.
  3. Click Submit.

    The new question is added to the Questions related list.

  4. To edit a question, open it from the related list.