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Create a record producer

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Create a record producer

You can create a record producer for tables and database views that are in the same scope as the record producer. Also for tables that allow create access from applications in other scopes.

Before you begin

Role required: catalog_admin or admin

About this task


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Record Producers.
  2. Click New or select the record producer to edit.
  3. Complete the Record Producer form.
    Table 1. Record Producers in the Service Catalog
    Field Description
    Name The descriptive name for the record producer.
    Note: The list shows only tables and database views that meet the scope protections for field styles.
    Table name The table in which the record producer creates records.
    Active A check box for making the record producer active. Only active record producers are available to users if they meet the role criteria.
    Preview Link A link that opens a preview of the item.
    Post insert script Script that operates on the submitted record, after the record is inserted in the associated table.
    Note: Post insert script overrides the target record values and record producer template values.
    Catalogs The service catalog this record producer belongs to.
    Category The service catalog category this record producer belongs to. When users perform catalog searches, only items that are assigned to a category appear in search results.
    View The CMS view in which the item is visible.
    Roles The roles required to use the record producer.
    Availability The interface the record producer is available from: Desktop and Mobile, Desktop Only, or Mobile Only.
    Can cancel A check box for displaying a Cancel button on the record producer. Users can click Cancel to cancel the record producer and return to the last-viewed screen
    What it will contain
    Short description A short summary of the record producer.
    Description The full description of the record producer.

    You can embed videos, images, links to internal knowledge base (KB) articles, and links to external sources of information and instruction documentation.

    The description appears under a More information link on the record producer to give users any additional information they need.

    Meta Comma-separated list of tags used to search for the record producer. See Configure keyword search for catalog items.
    Hide on Service Portal If selected, the record producer is not available on Service Portal.
    Redirect To Specifies the redirect behavior of the record producer after its generation.

    Possible values are:

    • Generated Task record: Redirects to the task record created using the record producer.
    • Catalog Homepage: Redirects to the service catalog where the order for the record producer is placed.

    The default value is based on the Specifies the default behavior of record producer after record generation property in the Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Properties page.

    Script Scripts that are run to dynamically assign values to specific fields on the created record.
    Icon The small icon that appears on the list of service catalog items. Click the Click to add link and upload the photo.
    Picture The picture that appears at the top of the record producer form on the desktop view. Click the Click to add link and upload the photo.
    Mobile picture The small picture that appears on the list of service catalog items. Click the Click to add link and upload the photo.

    This field is available when you select the Mobile for the Mobile picture type.

    Mobile picture type The picture that the mobile interface uses on the list of service catalog items. Select one of the following:
    • Desktop: Uses the icon specified in the Icon field. Selecting this option hides the Mobile picture field.
    • Mobile: Uses the icon specified in the Mobile picture field.
    • None: Does not use any picture on the mobile view. Selecting this option hides the Mobile picture field.
    Generated Record Data
    Template Static assignments for fields on the created record.
  4. To add attachments such as information and instruction documentation to the catalog item, see Add an attachment .
  5. Click Submit.

    After you submit the form, the Variables, Variable Sets, Categories, and Catalogs related lists become available.

  6. Open the record again to define variables for the record producer.