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Catalog in Service Portal

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Catalog in Service Portal

Use Service Portal to configure an improved version of Catalog. You can customize Service Portal where your customers can request catalog items such as service and product offerings. You can use the Service Catalog widgets to build a catalog for your portal.

The Catalog landing page provides an interface from where you can access the catalog items, requests, approvals, popular items, recent items, and saved bundles. This page is available by default for zBoot users.
Note: Upgrade users need to activate the Service Portal - Service Catalog v2 plugin (com.glideapp.servicecatalog.portal).

You can access the Catalog landing page in Service Portal using the Catalog option from the main menu header of Service Portal.

The landing page has:

  • A search bar to search within all configured catalogs in Service Portal. When you search for a specific item, the search results page displays results based on the configured catalogs and categories.

    Only the items associated with a catalog and category are searchable. The primary category of the item is displayed under the Category filter. The catalog where the primary category is defined for the item is displayed under the Catalog filter.

  • The Browse by Categories option to navigate to the list of categories in Service Catalog and the items within. Click this option to navigate to the categories landing page.
  • The Requests and Approvals widget to display the list of requests and approvals associated with the user. The list is based on the configurations available in the My Request Filter module in Platform. For information about the My Request Filter module, see Define filters for My Requests.
  • The My Saved Bundles widget to display the saved bundles associated with the user. You can remove a bundle, or open a bundle to add or replace the cart with the items in the bundle.
  • The My Recent Items widget to display catalog items, record producers, or order guides that are most recently viewed or requested by the user. An instance option on the widget allows you to display either the viewed or requested items. This widget is not displayed when it has no data.
  • The Popular Items widget to display the most popular catalog items ordered across the organization by other users. These items are displayed based on the Top Requests dynamic category. This widget is not displayed when there is no data.