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Define a product with Release v2

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Define a product with Release v2

Before you can manage a release process, you must define a Product.

Functionality described here requires the Release Management v2 plugin.

A Product record stores information about a product for reference purposes and groups all the releases and features for the product.

Creating a product

To define a product, navigate to Release > Products and click New.
Field Input Value
Number Unique identifier for the Product. Generated using Number Maintenance.
Configuration Item The CI that corresponds to the product.
Assignment Group A group responsible for the product.
Assigned To A user responsible for the product.
Short Description A short description of the product.
Description A more verbose description of the product.
Work Notes A journal field for logging notes about the product.
You can use the Configuration Items reference field to link the product with a corresponding CI in the CMDB. Each CI keeps information about how it relates to other CIs, and can track any incidents, problems, or changes related to it. Specifying a CI for the Product connects information from the release process to other processes in the instance.

Once releases are defined for a product, the Product Hierarchy related link displays the hierarchy of releases and features associated with the product.