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Create hardware models

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Create hardware models

Use hardware models to track equipment assets such as servers and racks. You can create a new hardware model.

Before you begin

Role required: model_manager


  1. Navigate to Product Catalog > Product Model > Hardware Models.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    For general field descriptions, see Model form fields. The hardware model fields listed are found in the Information section of the form.
    Table 1. Model form fields for hardware models
    Field Description
    Power (watts) The electrical power, in watts.
    Height (U) The total height of the hardware item, in inches.
    Flow Rate (cfm) The flow rate of the hardware model, expressed in cubic feet per minute.
    Sound Power (bels) The noise measurement, in bels (1 bel=10 decibels).
    Weight (lbs) The total weight, in pounds.
  4. Click Update.