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Models are specific versions or various configurations of an asset. Models are used for managing and tracking assets through various ServiceNow platform asset applications, including Product Catalog, Asset Management, and Procurement.

Model definitions can be based on vendor-provided criteria, for example, the manufacturer name Apple MacBook Pro, or on a custom abstraction, for example, Graphic Designer Workstation. All model information is located in the Product Catalog application.

A model can be in one or more model categories. For example, a laptop can be a computer and a server. Model definitions specify whether the model creates an asset, a configuration item, or both. On a hardware model record, compatible hardware models can be added.

Unless otherwise noted, working with product models requires the model_manager role. This role is contained by other roles, such as sam, category_manager, and asset.

Creating models

Models are created in the Product Catalog > Product Model > All Models module.

See Model form fields for a list of the fields that appear on all models, regardless of the type of model.