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UI actions to create task record from Incident

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UI actions to create task record from Incident

UI actions add links in the Incident form context menu to create problems, changes, or requests from an incident.

Figure 1. UI actions to create task record
Incident promotion UI actions in the Incident form context menu

The image depicts the UI actions that are used to promote incidents. Administrators and users with the ui_action_admin role can edit them to customize the behavior of the menu item.

Create Problem UI action

Use the property List of attributes (comma-separated) that will be copied from the incident to create a new problem (com.snc.problem.create_from_incident.attributes) to specify fields on the Incident form. The values of these fields are copied to the respective fields on the Problem form.

Create Request UI action

The Create Request script redirects the user to the service catalog. The service desk agent locates the catalog item and orders it. The Caller is copied to the Requested for user in the request.
Note: This feature is available only in new instances starting with Jakarta or a later release.

Create Change UI action

The Create Normal Change, Create Standard Change, and Create Emergency Change scripts copy these fields from the Incident form:

  • short_description
  • description
  • cmdb_ci
  • priority
  • company

The syntax for copying a field from the Incident form to the Change form is:

changeRequest.setValue("field_name", current.field_name);

Other UI actions to create task record from incident

If there is another process for which task record needs to be generated from an incident, such as a facilities request, create a UI action. Model it after the Create Normal Change and Create Problem UI actions to generate task record from the incident.