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Create ad-hoc Incident Communication Plan directly

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Create ad-hoc Incident Communication Plan directly

Create an incident communication plan directly if the original issue that caused the communication plan was not logged as an incident. For example, a significant facilities problem may not be logged as an incident in ServiceNow, but may still require an incident communication plan to be created.

Before you begin

Role: major_incident_manager

About this task

Incident Alert Management is renamed as Incident Communications Management. The screenshot in this topic shows the latest Incident Communication Plan form which is available to new (Madrid) and upgraded customers. Existing customers can refer to the documentation of previous releases for the old procedures and screenshot.


  1. Navigate to Incident Communications Management > Create New.
  2. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Incident communication plan form
    Field Description
    Number Automatically generated incident communication plan ID, in the format ICPxxxxxxxx.
    Source incident The source incident for this communication plan, if any. If you select a source incident, the Background field is populated with data from this incident, unless there is existing data in this field.
    Type Type of communication plan such as Technical Communications, Internal Stakeholder Communications, End User Communications.
    Communication plan definition The communication plan definition based on which this incident communication plan is attached.
    State The state of the communication plan. Values are Open, Closed, or Canceled.
    Assignment group The assignment group, if any, for that incident communication plan. For example, there might be a group that represents a crisis management team, including several Incident Managers, Duty Directors, and Duty Managers.
    Assigned to The assigned user for the communication plan. This entry can be an ITIL user or an incident communication plan administrator, and defaults to the user who creates the communication plan.
    Order Order in which the communication plan appears in the incident. This field indicates which communication plan to execute first.
    Short description A brief summary of the communication plan.
    Description A detailed description of the communication plan.
    Notes Work notes, activities, and background information regarding the incident communication plan.
    Communication List of communication tasks that have email or SMS as the communication channel.
    Conference List of communication tasks that have conference as the communication channel.
  3. Click Submit.