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Coaching your trainee

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Coaching your trainee

A manager, or coach, is a subject matter expert of a process and is responsible for providing coaching to an employee, or trainee. Use the Coach Dashboard to manage and measure the effectiveness of your coaching.

You can access the Coaching Dashboard from the Coaching navigation menu, or directly from the dashboard list. Click a report to view the detailed data.
Note: You must have the Coaching coach role to view the Coach Dashboard.

Coaching begins once a trainee assessment has been assigned to you. Coaching assessments are triggered from a coaching opportunity that is set up by the coaching admin and are used to facilitate a dialog with your trainee, assign learning content, set a due date, and other details.

The Coach Dashboard lets you manage the details and impact your coaching has on your trainees.
  • Check the progress state of your coaching assessments
  • Analyze the number and types of follow-up actions necessary on your resolved coaching assessments
  • View the types of survey feedback from your trainees
  • View number of your assessments that were resolved by the virtual coach
  • Check the performance rating of your trainees from your coaching
  • View the list of KPIs affected by your coaching
  • Verify the types of coaching opportunities that are getting assigned to you (last 6 months)
Report Description
My Active Coaching Assessments Coaching assessments assigned to you that are in New, Work in Progress, and Resolved states.
Follow-up Action Needed Coaching assessments grouped by Followup Needed field.
  • Recognize
  • Needs Additional Coaching
  • Needs Outside Training
  • Referral to Manager
  • Create Virtual Coach
  • No Follow Up
My Coaching Survey Results Feedback results on coaching from trainees.
Resolved by Virtual Coach Coaching assessments resolved by virtual coaching.
My Trainee Performance Coaching assessments grouped by trainee performance rating.
KPI Addressed with my Coaching KPIs addressed by your coaching.
My Coaching Opportunities - Last 6 months Coaching opportunities assigned to you in the past 6 months.