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The ServiceNow® Coaching application lets you facilitate the coaching of employees using coaching opportunities that are conditionally configured for a critical moment in a process.

Coaching consistently improves employee performance and processes by providing real-time improvement feedback as well as automated contextual recommendations.

This 26-minute podcast includes a discussion of the Coaching application, the coaching process, virtual coaching, and building coaching into a workflow. Podcast discussion of the Coaching application, the coaching process, and how the application can be used in an organization

When the coaching moment defined in a coaching opportunity is triggered, an assessment for that trainee is generated. The coaching assessment then gets assigned to a coach for training, or is automatically assigned virtual learning content, if virtual coaching conditions are met.

Coaching can be applied to any task-based process, such as Change Management, Customer Service Management or Incident Management. A non-task or custom table can also be used for coaching, but a business rule must be configured.

To learn more about how your ServiceNow instance supports Coaching, see Coaching overview for a general understanding of the application and how it is used.

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To coach users to improve processes in your environment, select an activity.

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