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Add a new software license

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Add a new software license

You can add a new software license using the Software Asset Management plugin feature.

About this task

Role required: sam


  1. Navigate to Software Asset > Software Licenses.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Field Description
    Display name Read-only. Name of the software license. Created automatically.
    Model category Model category for the software license. Software License is selected by default.
    Model Software model of the license you are matching to. For example, Microsoft Excel.
    Rights Number of entitlements to be granted by this license. If an enterprise contract is attached to the license, the Rights field does not display.
    Asset tag Number from the asset tag. The tag contains the serial number and bar code for tracking the software license.
    State Current status of the software license, such as On order or In use.
    Assigned to User currently assigned to this software license.
    Managed by User or department that maintains the software license. Can be different than the owner. For example, a specified user can own a software license, but the IT department manages it.
    Owned by User or department with financial ownership of the software license. Can be different than the manager.
    Parent Parent asset of the software license, if any. For example, the parent asset of Microsoft Word software is often the Microsoft Office suite.
    Class [Read-only] Automatically created as Software License.
    License metric [Optional] A single metric which the software license is counted against.
    Serial number Unique number assigned for identification.
    Substate More details about the software license stage. The available substate settings depend on the State selected. For example, if you select the Retired state, the substate options available are Disposed, Sold, Donated, and Vendor credit.
    Location Where the license will be used. For example, a specific site, country, or region.
    Department Department of the person Assigned to this software license.
    Company Company that created the software.
    Assigned Date on which the software license was assigned.
    Installed Date on which the software license was installed.
    Comments Information about the software license that would be helpful for others to know.

    For information about the fields in the Financial and Contracts sections of the form, see Create assets.

  4. Click Submit.