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Define lead time for email reminders

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Define lead time for email reminders

On-call scheduling includes a scheduled job that checks if any on-call members need to be notified about upcoming on-call commitments. The lead time for when reminders are sent can be modified.

Before you begin

Role required: rota_admin or rota_manager

About this task

The On-Call Reminders job runs the OnCallRemindersNG script include to generate the notifications.


  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > On-Call Calendars.
  2. Right-click the shift and select Edit Shift.
    The shift is the listing in the calendar above the scheduled users.
  3. Change the Reminder lead time (days) field for the on-call schedule record or for any of its rosters.
    The reminder lead time defined on a roster is always respected. If no lead time is defined, the on-call schedule's reminder lead time is used. If the reminder lead time is not defined for either the on-call schedule or its rosters, then a default of 2 days is used.
    Note: Keep in mind that the Reminder lead time on the Roster form is different from the # reminders and Time between reminders fields in the Escalation Settings section of the form. The escalation settings are only used to configure reminders for escalations. The Reminder lead time is in the Reminder Communication section of the Roster form, and is used to email reminders for upcoming on-call commitments.