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Modify the rotation order for members on a roster

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Modify the rotation order for members on a roster

You can modify the order of the rotation without affecting past rotation records.

About this task

Role required: admin, rota_admin, rota_manager


  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > My Group Schedules.
    The appropriate list of shifts appears.
  2. Click on the shift to view the list of rosters.
  3. Click on the roster from the list of rosters within the shift.
  4. Select the information icon next to the member name to whose order you want to modify.
    The selected member on-call details are displayed.
  5. Enter the new order number for the selected member on the Order field.
  6. Click Update to save the new order.
    The roster details displays members is the new order. Two shift records are displayed for the member whose details are modified. The original record has a To date signifying end of validity and the new record has the current date as From date signifying start of validity.