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On-call scheduling security

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On-call scheduling security

Assign users the appropriate access to the features of on-call scheduling.

In on-call scheduling, the three important roles that are considered are:
  • rota_admin
  • rota_manager
  • itil

The rota_admin role gives the user the ability to create, read, update, and delete rotations in the instance. The rota_admin can create rotations using Create new schedule module, modify rotations and rosters, and maintain coverage and time-off on the View the on-call calendar.

The rota_manager role is for the users who are the manager of a group or it can be delegated to the members of a group using Delegate roles . The role cannot be used to manage all groups in the system. The purpose of the role is to distinguish a member that has been delegated the role of managing rotations of particular groups.

A user with the itil role can view the View the on-call calendar, on-call commitments via the report, and general read access to their groups rotations.
Note: roster_admin is a deprecated role that is not fully supported and has been maintained for old upgrade customers. Do not use the roster_admin role. Use the roles that are mentioned at the beginning of the topic.