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On-Call Schedules user interface

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On-Call Schedules user interface

On-call managers and members can use this interface to view and maintain on-call schedules of a group. You can review, manage, and resolve gaps or conflicts in your on-call schedule from a single view.


This tab gives an overview of the current shift. The following sections are available:
  • On-Call: Displays information about the current on-call shift. From here, you can:
    • Navigate to the previous and next shifts.
    • View the roster and escalation details of the current shift. When you click Roster and escalation details, a pop-up window displays the following tabs:
      • Roster: Displays a list of all rosters along with its active on-call member. Information of the on-call member such as the contact number, email address, group and the shift to which the user belongs to is also available.
      • Escalation Path: Displays the escalation path defined for the shift.
      Note: By default, on the right side of this window, the user profile of the primary on-call member is displayed. You can send a direct message to the on-call member by clicking Send a direct message or call the member if Notify webrtc for on-call is set up. For more information on real-time messaging, refer to Connect. For information on Notify webrtc, see Forward to notify client workflow activity. For information on the Specify a valid Notify Number with voice capability property that enables the Notify webrtc for on-call, see On-Call Scheduling properties.
  • Pending Actions: Displays the pending actions for the group’s on-call schedule. You can review gaps, conflicts, and time-off requests to find a replacement and ensure proper support coverage. For information on resolving the pending actions, see Resolve pending actions of a shift.
    Note: This section is displayed only for an on-call manager.
  • My Upcoming Shifts: Displays your upcoming shifts.
    Note: This section is displayed for a shift member, or an on-call manager who is also a shift member.
  • On-call calendar: This section displays the calendar view of all shifts of the group. By default, the week view is displayed. For more information on on-call calendar, refer to View the on-call calendar.


This tab displays all shifts defined for the user group. From here, you can edit a shift or create a custom escalation policy by overriding the default escalation type set by the system. For information on editing the escalation type, see Override the escalation type of a shift.


This tab displays the group preferences set for your group's on-call shift. If not already set, click Create Custom Group Settings to set the group preferences. For more information about group preferences, see Configure preferences for a user group.
Note: The group preferences set here affect only this group. These settings override the global settings.
To view on-call properties, click View Global Settings.
Note: View Global Settings is only visible to rota_admin.