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Escalation chain

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Escalation chain

An escalation chain describes the order in which rosters and roster members receive escalation notifications.

Depending on the number of rosters, the shift escalation type is one of the following.

  • Rotate through members: Escalation chain goes through the member list of a specific roster (primary, secondary, tertiary) to determine who is to be notified.
  • Rotate through rosters: Escalation chain goes through all the rosters to determine who is to be notified.
  • Custom: Escalation chain goes through the escalation audience as defined in the escalation hierarchy.

Depending on the escalation type you chose, the Escalations Report result can vary greatly. Following are example reports for each choice.

Figure 1. Rotate through rosters
Rotate through rosters escalation report

The image shows the case in which reminders are defined for the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary rosters. The members of the primary roster are notified first, then the members of the secondary, and so on, for as many rosters as there are.

Figure 2. Rotate through members
Rotate through members escalation report

For this example, users can see which shifts they are part of in the My Schedule Report module. Users who are not the first on-call person are displayed as well. This action enables the user to view the shift from a personal perspective, which is the preferred method for most users.