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Escalations by email workflow for on-call scheduling

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Escalations by email workflow for on-call scheduling

The workflow enables sending an email notification regarding a newly raised incident to the on-call members of a particular group.

The workflow does not expect a response to the email notifications it sent, but instead checks the source incident record for changes in the assigned_to field. Depending on the value of the assigned_to field of the source record, the workflow branches or loops until the escalation chain is exhausted or the assigned_to field of the source incident is populated. If none of the users accept assignment in time, the catch-all person is notified, if configured.

The workflow respects time-off as specified in the rosters. People who have time-off are not included in the escalation chain and no notifications are sent to them. Overlapping shifts and custom escalation policy settings are also applicable in the workflow.

The workflow is intended to be used on a trigger rule based on the Incident table but other tables can be used as well. If you want to use a different table for this workflow, select the appropriate table, for example, Problem, in the Trigger Workflow field on the trigger rule form. This workflow is provided with on-call scheduling.