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Configure Search Assistant for Windows

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Configure Search Assistant for Windows

The Search Assistant feature of Pattern Designer allows you to search within files or registries. Upload grep files on to your instance to enable this feature to search on Windows servers.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or sm_admin

About this task

Grep is a utility that the Search Assistant feature uses to search files for matches. Grep is native to Unix-based systems, therefore you must upload it only for Windows-based configuration items (CI). Once you upload grep files onto the instance, it transfers them onto all MID Server which distribute the files onto all Windows-based CIs in your organization.


  1. Download the following files onto the computer from the Internet.
    • egrep.exe
    • libiconv2.dll
    • libintl3.dll
    • pcre3.dll
    • regex2.dll
    Note: Make sure to unzip folders if necessary.
    For example, you can download the zip files for the Dependencies and Binaries folders at the following location:
    After you unzip the downloaded folders, the files are located as follows:
    • grep-2.5.4-bin/bin/egrep.exe
    • grep-2.5.4-dep/bin/libiconv2.dll
    • grep-2.5.4-dep/bin/libintl3.dll
    • grep-2.5.4-dep/bin/pcre3.dll
    • grep-2.5.4-dep/bin/regex2.dll
  2. Navigate to Pattern Designer > Uploaded Files.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the original file name in the Name field on the Logical Name tab, for example egrep.exe.
  5. Click OS Types and select Windows.

    Selecting the operating system option for uploading a file.
  6. Click OS Architectures and select both 32-bit and 64-bit option.
  7. Click the Manage Attachments icon.
  8. Click Choose Files.
  9. In the Downloads folder on your computer, navigate to the file which name you entered before, for example egrep.exe.
  10. Click Choose.
  11. Close the Attachments window.
  12. Repeat Step 3 to Step 11 to upload the rest of the files:
    • libiconv2.dll
    • libintl3.dll
    • pcre3.dll
    • regex2.dll