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Check CI dependencies

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Check CI dependencies

You can see if a particular configuration item (CI) is part of other application services and check if it depends on other CIs.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, app_service_admin, app_service_user

About this task

While Service Mapping shows position of a CI in a particular application service, your organization may also use the same CI in other application services. If you are planning to perform changes to this CI, make sure that the changes do not affect other application services.

The following user interface screens refer to application services as business services: Business Service Group Responsibilities, Approve, Service Mapping Properties, and Service Map Planner.


  1. In the map, right-click the relevant CI and select Open dependency views.
    The Dependency Views page opens in the new tab showing the selected CI in the center.
  2. Click Details.

    The Details button on the Dependency Views page.
  3. Click the Related Services tab.
    The list of links to application services containing this CI appear on the Related Services tab.
  4. To view the map of another business service containing this CI, click the relevant link.