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Group application services

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Group application services

Organize application services by groups to perform actions simultaneously on multiple services, and to control user access to services. You can use Event Management to track service health by service groups.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_admin or app_service_admin

About this task

Typically, enterprises have hundreds of services which makes it impractical to manage them individually. Service groups can make service lists much shorter and easier to manage, especially in large organizations or service providers.

How you group application services depends on the user and on service provisioning policies in your enterprise. The relation between application services in groups is purely logical and the same application service can belong to multiple groups. For example, the Mobile service can be part of the following service groups: sales, Beijing, and telephony.
Figure 1. Example of an application service belonging to different groups

An application service belonging to different groups

You can embed a service group within another service group to create a hierarchy of service groups. If users have access to a parent service group, they automatically have access to all its child groups.

If Service Mapping is activated, service groups can contain a mixture of manually created application services and application services discovered by Service Mapping.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Application Services > Service Groups. Or, if Service Mapping is activated, navigate to Service Mapping > Services > Service Groups.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the name of the new application service group in the Name field.
  4. To embed this group in another group, enter the name of the other group in the Parent Group field.
  5. Right-click the form header and click Save.
  6. Add an application service to the newly created service group.
    1. In the Service Group Members section, click New.
    2. In the Name field, enter the name of the application service. If you are using Event Management, you can also enter an alert group name.
    3. Click Submit.
  7. Alternatively, add an application service to a group from the application service form.
    1. Navigate to Configuration > Application Services > Application Services.
    2. Select the application service you want to add to a service group.
    3. In the Service Group Members section, double-click Insert a new row.
    4. Enter the name of the service group to which you want to add the selected application service.
    5. Click the OK icon (OK icon).
    6. Click Update.