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Enable traffic-based discovery for an application service

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Enable traffic-based discovery for an application service

Make Service Mapping use traffic-based connections to discover CIs making up an application service.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_admin

About this task

Service Mapping uses traffic-based connections to collect network statistics and perform traffic-based discovery. Not only can Service Mapping discover CIs using patterns, it can also discover them by following traffic connections between CIs. This method is referred to as traffic-based discovery. For more information about how Service Mapping performs traffic-based discovery, see Traffic-based discovery in Service Mapping.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Home.
    The Home page displays only information on application services that Service Mapping can discover or already discovered. This page does not display information on application services that are created manually or using the API.
  2. Click View Your Services on the Completed tile.
  3. Select the relevant application service.
  4. Click Additional Info.
  5. Click the Traffic based discovery check box.
  6. Click Update.