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Convert application service maps into PDFs

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Convert application service maps into PDFs

You may want to create a PDF for a map to share information about the service content with other people. PDFs are especially useful during the review and approve process for application services discovered by Service Mapping.

Before you begin

Role required: app_service_admin, app_service_user

About this task

The PDF of an application service map shows the name of the application service and the exact time when this PDF was created.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Application Services > Application Services.
  2. Alternatively, if Service Mapping is deployed, navigate to Service Mapping > Services > Application Services.
  3. Click View map next to the relevant application service.
  4. Click the Additional actions menu.

    Click the Additional actions menu on the Map page.
  5. Click the button next to the Export to PDF option.

    Export an application service to PDF
  6. When the PDF is ready, click the Download PDF button in the Export Map into PDF Format dialog box.
    The PDF appears in the downloads folder on your computer.